Cemetery Decorations

We respect and honor the customs of visitors expressing their love and devotion by decorating graves where loved ones are buried. Common practice is to adorn burial spaces with flowers. Decorating, however, must be done in a way that does not create a safety hazard, impede proper maintenance, infringe on other graves, diminish the character of the cemetery, or offend others.

All glass or any item partly of glass is prohibited, including glass blocks, vigil lights, etc., and will be removed immediately by cemetery personnel.

Cut flowers placed on graves must be in metal vessels only.

All types of urns or flower stands are prohibited unless they are part of the monument and made of metal or natural stone. Existing urns may be left on plots provided they are planted or maintained. Those not maintained or planted will be removed.

Plants set in pots, metal or plastic boxes and cared for are permitted. Those not planted or cared for will be removed at the discretion of cemetery personnel.

The planting of trees, shrubs or flowers directly into the ground is strictly prohibited.

All persons are prohibited from spreading papers, flowers, pots, or other types of debris on the grounds or in the lake.

The marking of graves with iron, wood, wire enclosures, cement markers or toys, along with trellises, tripods, hanging vases, etc. is prohibited.

Statues are prohibited in all sections unless part of a monument.

Anyone ordering flowers to be delivered should specify the section and plot number as well as the name of the interred. In the case of a single grave, the date of death, so that the flowers are placed on the correct plot.

Nothing temporary may be attached to monuments. Cemetery personnel are sensitive to various customs associated with decoration, especially at the time of death and burial. We will try to accommodate these customs whenever possible. Cemetery personnel cannot contact individual families if decorations are not in keeping with cemetery regulations.



Regular Maintenance: Items that are unsightly are typically removed each week.

General Cemetery Clean-up: All decorations are removed from graves four times each year, typically in the months of February, June, September, and November. This is done to ensure a thorough cleaning of the property. Notifications of these clean-up times are posted at the cemetery entrance. Should families desire to retain items, they must be removed prior to the scheduled clean-up dates.

Flags on graves will be removed when they become faded or torn.

Wind and Theft: Decorations may be removed or damaged by effects of the weather or theft. The cemetery cannot assume liability for decorations. When items are blown about or broken, the grounds crew has no choice but to dispose of them.