Monument Regulations

All monuments or markers must be of natural granite, marble or bronze and placed on concrete foundations. Foundations are to be built by cemetery personnel and charged to the monument dealer or, in certain instances, to the plot owner.

A foundation order, signed by the plot or single grave owner, must be filed with the Town Clerk’s office complete with sketch, dimensions and location of names and inscriptions. Plots must be paid for in full before a monument or marker foundation will be installed. Only one monument is allowed per plot, and must be at the head and center of the plot. A plot consists of one section and lot number (example: J-000 is one plot, J-000 and -001 are two plots).

Foundations will be poured as expediently as possible at the convenience of the cemetery personnel. Foundations will not be poured during the cold weather months.

A bench may be used as headstone. It must meet the requirements of traditional headstone. The bench must be placed at the ‘head’ of the grave, not at the ‘foot’.

Corner posts are either 4” or 6” square, straight on all sides and recessed letters. One post must include the section and lot number. These posts will be set by cemetery personnel only. Corner posts are included in the purchase price of the plot.

No monument may have a dye less than 8” thick or a base of more than 1’ 2” or a length of more than 60% of the width of the head of the plot.

All slants must have bases unless they are conforming to other markers on the plot.

All foot markers must be flush with the ground.

Only flush markers with recessed letters and carvings are allowed on single graves with a maximum size of 2’0” x 1’0”.

No monoliths are allowed.

No photographs attached to monuments.

No statues or urns are allowed unless part of the monument.

No painting, coloring or bronzing of letters, monuments or markers is allowed.

All government markers for veterans must be flush with the ground, and the fee for the foundation and setting must be paid before the order is signed and forwarded to the government. The markers must be of granite, marble or bronze. Bronze markers can be attached to the stone.

These rules pertain to all sections, including those sections that have specific additional regulations. These regulations may be suspended at the discretion of the Town Supervisor.